211 Information Line

There’s no manual for dealing with life’s problems. That’s why 2-1-1 Info, a local non-profit, provides community services knowledge to those who need help.

2-1-1 is free, confidential and live. Callers are connected with a trained, compassionate call center specialist. The specialist will provide an understanding of resource offerings that fit a full spectrum of needs and assist in the identification of available public and private resources.

In addition to the toll-free calling option, you can visit the website at www.211info.org for more information.

Health Links

Mental Health:

Country Counseling in Harrisburg Plaza on 99e & Territorial St. next to Torrero’s Mexican Restaurant. (541) 998-5660 countrycounseling@live.net

Dental Services:

Low or no-cost dental care for those with no insurance or no funds to pay for dental care.


Energy Assistance (541) 926-7163
Emergency housing and utility help (541) 928-6335

Oregon Helps